Discover the vast range of command and signal auxiliaries that New Elfin designs and manufactures with experience and professionalism. In our catalogue you will find two series of industrial push-button panels, with both 22 and 30 diameters: pilot lights, mushroom emergency switches, key selector switches, and manipulators. We have a complete series of push-button container boxes  of thermoplastic, aluminium or stainless steel and panels of polyester. Check our important line of safety articles for equipment command and control: including two-hand push-buttons and flashing voltage indicator devices, along with innovative electronic lamps to illuminate electric panels.


New Elfin Industrial Push Buttons


New Elfin pilot lights and emergency


New Elfin key switches manipulators


New Elfin stainless steel boxes


New Elfin Modular lighting system


New Elfin mushroom and emergency buttons


New Elfin aluminum boxes


New Elfin thermoplastic boxes
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