Ergonomic push-button enclosures

New Elfin expands its range of thermoplastic push-buttons with the new 080E series

Innovative and revolutionary
Series Ergo revolutionises the concept of push-button box thanks to an advanced study of ergonomics, wich maximises its usability.

The shape
The innovative and sinuos shape allows to an easy and safe grip, making the operation of the control comfortable and free of excessive stress to the wrist and hand.

Convenience of use
Recommended for repeated operations.
The high level of comfort achieved during use, especially in frequently repeated operations, reduces the possibility of hand pathologies, making the usual rectangular-based box obsolte.

Utility model patent
A new shape for a commonly used industrial equipment that gives the product a particular efficacy, convenince of application and use. Utility models are protected by a specific form of patent.

Advanced plastic materials have been used for the realization, which guarantee excellent mechanical, therman and electric performance,  allowing the push-button station to be suitable in the most demanding environments.

Series ERGO is available in 4 different formats, capable of accommodating up to 8 controls and/or signalling operators.

The lid is equipped with a special low relief, dedicated to accommodate a wide choice of adhesive labels, customizable.

With two marked shades of grey, seies ERGO adopts a harmonized colouring between lid and box. 
A version with yellow lid is also available for the eventual realization of an emergency situation.

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