Padlockable Emergency stop push-buttons SM2 Ø 22

A new range of emergency stop push-buttons with padlockable guard to offer additional safety solutions.

New Elfin presents a new line of emergency stop push-buttons equipped with a padlockable guard to offer safety solutions whenever a machine, or part of a plant, needs scheduled or extraordinary maintenance.

Practicality of use
When the padlock is inserted the push button cannot be reset; this way every operation of installment, maintenance or dismantling of the machine or implant can be done in total safety.
The guard and padlock are meant to prevent unintentional reinstatement of the push-button, thus avoid situations of risk and prevent accidents to people or equipment (EN 60204-1 – logout / tagout procedure).

The new line consists of push-buttons with different dimensions and layouts to answer all the different necessities.
The use of the operator is facilitated by the adoption of a telescopic guard.
Our emergency push-buttons are paired with 2 NC (Normally Closed) contact blocks either in standard or in self-monitoring configurations.

The self-monitoring contact blocks increase push-button safety they can ensure at all time the certainty of the arrest command and they can intervene automatically by opening the circuit in case external events, like heavy shock, poor maintenance or incorrect assembly, detach the push-button from the contact block.

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