Excellence buttons since 1967

E like Experience

We handle research and development, design, complete manufacturing cycle, equipment construction, plastic molding, automated assemblies, testing, delivery, and support.

Checking is the first rule of certainty.

That’s why we manage every stage of work within our facility, from design to creation, to testing and final inspection. And even though we love our products as they are, we are ready to customize them for you and your use.

Working innovatively for over 50 years.

We know how important time is. That’s why our products are modular and can be installed with standard tools in no time.

Perfecting is mandatory.

The quality of the materials we use, attention to detail, continuous investments in research and development, the attention we give to each request, and international certifications such as Rina and Intertek attest to the safety of our products.

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Made in Italy

We produce in Italy with materials 90% of which are of Italian origin, and we drink espresso to give us a boost

A brilliant and spirited team

E like Energy

A young team, made up of women and men always ready to challenge themselves to grow and improve. They are the real buttons that give sprint and energy to New Elfin.
Living in the future

E like Eco-friendly

Saving energy at every stage of work, using safe and controlled Italian materials, and choosing suppliers who respect the environment. This is becoming sustainable, with dedication, seriousness, and foresight.
A man who looks beyond

E like Enea

He’s the president, but you can also find him testing prototypes himself and developing new ideas. Because success is built day by day, with the contribution of everyone.